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My clothing collection at VIDA Voices continues to grow. Some items have proven very popular, like the "Delicate" modern silk tee I'm wearing here.

The vibrant colors and perfect cut of the blouse make it a winner for women of all shapes and sizes. It's one of my "go to" garments, perfect with jeans during the day and dressed up for evening with black leggings or slim pants.




The other silk tee I'm particularly fond of is one I call "Paint," which is from a photograph I digitally "painted" to achieve a warm, rich interesting effect.

Here's the image.

And here's the top. 


When I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan this winter I spied one of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, and discovered how beautiful they are even without their intense pop of color. I loved them so much I created two items:

Silk and cashmere "Hydrangeas in Winter"


And the rayon modal scarf I call "Winter Hydrangeas." 

 I love my winter hydrangeas for their rich browns and blacks.


But my favorite will always be the original "Hydrangeas" modal scarf.

 I wore it in frosty, frozen Michigan. Not only did it help keep this thin-blooded Hawaii girl warm, but several women complimented it and asked where I'd bought it. I'd say it was a hit!

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Puanani Frobel says:

I ordered your Hydrangea scarf…excited to see it!

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