O' Christmas Tree-- or not.

 We brought into our home a young cat whose mission, it seems, is to seek and destroy. His name is Hoku (it means "star"), but we should have named him Kolohe (rascal). We love him, but his curious, energetic presence means minimal decorations this year, certainly nothing he can climb, claw, pull down, knock over, or pulverize.

Or eat. Which means no poinsettias. Sad. 

So, yeah, we are back to baby-proofing our house for a little devil disguised as a 9-month-old kitten.

But then Ward, my husband, said, "Let's get a tree anyway! We don't have to decorate it."

No Pushing, No Shoving. Let's Dance.

Mom wants to go out and you can’t let her. But she wants to shop. She doesn’t understand why you’re blocking her. You know she’ll get lost. Heck, the place might not even exist anymore.

Conflict ensues—arguments, anger, yelling, crying, impatience, confusion, regret.

Then it’s over—until the next time. Lather, rinse, repeat.

What is dementia? We think we know (but we don't).

Teepa Snow says dementia isn’t a diagnosis, it’s more of a syndrome—a collection of symptoms.

In one of her excellent videos, Snow presents four facts: If you have dementia, at least two parts of your brain are dying. Second, you can’t bring back what’s lost, stop it or cure it.

“When someone is living with a brain change like dementia, it means the brain is gone,” she says.