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This original Jade piece will add a bold, modern statement to any wardrobe. Each scarf is uniquely designed and custom printed. Color and placement of artwork may vary upon receipt. 

Fabric: Our Modal scarves are made out of 100% MicroModal® by Lenzing, a luxuriously soft, botanical fabric made out of European beechwood. Because of Modal's botanical origin, it is eco-friendly and its feel is comparable to that of natural silk. 

Dimensions: 28" x 80"

Note: This piece is in stock and will be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of your order.

Customer Reviews

"Thank you so much for letting me pick up the orchid scarfs for me to bring to Washington. It was a hit and everyone loved it. Gave the other one away and I need to purchase a few more. So many compliments!”

Amelia Cabatu - Honolulu, Hawaii