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These brilliant flowers range in color from turquoise to emerald and make striking, though relatively rare, lei. This lei was made for me by Kailua artist Elizabeth Kent-- blue jade intertwined with strands of hinahina, or Pele's hair. 

Each scarf is uniquely designed and custom printed. Color and placement of artwork may vary upon receipt.

Fabric: 100% Modal - Modal is a luxuriously soft botanic fabric made of beechwood. Its botanic origin makes it eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to that of natural silk.

Dimensions: One Size: 28" x 78" (Approximate)

Care: Dry Clean Only. Do not bleach 

Note: This piece is in stock and will be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of your order. 

Customer Reviews

"I love my Blue Jade with Hinahina scarf! I've worn it on several different colors - black, royal blue, deep purple and aqua and it is really striking on all of them. I always get compliments when I wear it. I also love the size because you can wear it many different ways. Jade's ability to capture the beauty of our island flowers and turn it into unique, quality wearable art - tops, scarves, tote bags, etc. is awesome.”

Donna Fujie - Honolulu, Hawaii