Flowers, Fashion and Making the World a Better Place

I almost threw away a great opportunity.

Someone wants me to make clothing? Must be a scam, I thought.

And then a nice woman named Erica emailed again, "I actually tried reaching out to you a few weeks ago, but I am not sure if you received my last message."

So I took the time to actually read her message. Turns out VIDA is legit, and it's just the kind of company I love to support. I know a lot of  you do, too.

VIDA is a Google Ventures backed startup that works with a selective group of artists from around the world, transforming their 2D artwork into luxury fashion and apparel products.

VIDA collaborates with artists to create beautiful, original products. They offer employment and literacy support to the makers of the products in Karachi, Pakistan.

Watch the video:


I thought, "No harm in submitting a few designs."  And to my surprise and pleasure they accepted the images and actually set up a page for me. 

I have four products in production now-- a silk T, and two scarves.

Here are the images I chose for the scarves:

"Plumerias on a Cloudy Day" 





"Hula Skirt Orchids"

For the silk T-- "Delicate"

Visit my VIDA page and check out my designs. 

Use the code VIDAVOICES for 20% off your first order.

I ordered Plumerias on a Cloudy Day and can't wait to receive it.






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